Why is Football the Most Popular Sport in America?

According to Statistica, in 2018, 21 of 25 of the most watched sporting events in America were football games. 19 of those were NFL and the other two were College Football, but why is football the most watched sports in America.

Picture courtesy of: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Personally, I believe football is so popular because of its season length. When, you watch football, you bring friends over, you have parties, eat food and scream. Everyone loves a Sunday football party because it is the celebration of the week. Just think if the season was longer and games were as common as the NBA, with three to four games a week. That takes away the anticipation of the game. In football, since the season is so short, every game matters, so when you enter that party you become more invested and that investment is important when coming back to watch.

Another thing is the pleasure. I know going to sleep after the Ravens win is a nice feeling. When you do well in football games, dopamine is released in your brain and gives you that pleasured feeling when our team wins. When you wait a whole week to see your team play, it is more priceless when they win.

So pleasure leads to investment and that investment leads to football being the most popular sport. But there is something missing. Why football? What about the sport makes it more exciting than basketball?

I don’t think the sport has anything to do with it. Yes, football is fun to watch but it isn’t right to debate what is more fun to watch. It is all about what was mentioned earlier in how short the season is with only 17 weeks. It is more about the amount of people the sport brings together where fan bases are the most invested. People love the sport because of gatherings, not just because it may be more fun to watch.

So really the story goes togetherness, to pleasure to investment, and that is how football brings millions of people together each week.

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