The Stupidest Simulation Ever

Last Sunday, CBS Sports did a bracket simulation using SportsLine, a system that is created by CBS Sports, to help people out with betting. They used this system and came out with a bracket that is so horrid it would never happen or even come close to happening.

Picture courtesy of: Gary Parrish Twitter

In this bracket, (Link of bracket is above) they have a total of two first round upsets. Since the field expanded to 64, that has happened once in 2007. The average is about 6 so picking less upsets for a year that contained 7 different number one teams in the country doesn’t make much sense, SportsLine.

Now the overall amount of upsets in the bracket is 4 which is tied for the least and is about 8 below the average of upsets in the tournament as a whole.

Other than the lesser amount of upsets the main problem is the Championship. The teams are Dayton and Gonzaga and those are both number one seeds which isn’t a bad thing. But the main thing I want to point out is since the field expanded in 1985 to 64, only once, have the two National Championship teams have not been Power 5. That one time included teams that were in the Big East, which was the powerhouse conference for much of college basketball’s history.

I don’t see how you can put a team who’s toughest win is Saint Mary’s and plays in the A-10 in the National Championship. The A-10 had 2 teams in this bracket showing their weakness. On the other hand, Gonzaga’s conference only contained 3 in the bracket. These teams played weak competition and wouldn’t have a chance in the National Championship.

The bracket lacks upsets and logic and will always make me scratch my head as to why that would ever happen.

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