The NBA All-Star Weekend finished up with the Dunk Contest and in a dramatic “extra dunks” finish, Derrick Jones Jr. won on a controversial finish, topping the Magic’s Aaron Gordon, who also lost a few years back to Zac Lavine, with that battle also including a controversial ending. So we are talking about two things today, did the judges pick the right winner and the stupidity of the “tie” idea that people wanted the contest to end with

First, I just want to say this was the right call. To explain what happened, the first three dunks for each players were the max of 50. It was an incredible showing from these two stars but the reality is no one was giving in. They decided one more round and then a judges decision. First the winner, Jones, got a 48 with a windmill dunk a foot inside the free-throw line. Then, came Aaron Gordon who jumped “over” all 7’5 of Celtics center, Tacko Fall. Everyone thought it was over until three nines were shown on the scoreboard and Derrick Jones Jr. was holding the trophy.

Now, grabbing a ball on top of someone who is 7’5 and dunking it down is a 50 and a good night, right? Wrong? Not that the attempted dunk isn’t a 50, but the fact that he only jumped over 7 feet of him. His pelvic area slammed into Fall and that is why he got three nines, you have to clear what your trying to jump over. It’s plain and simple.

Now, according to Larry Brown sports, Common, one of the panel judges said the contest was suppose to end in a tie but a judge screwed up. It is said Dwayne Wade, former Heat Guard who won 2 championships with Lebron Jame and company screwed it up to give his teammate the win.

Now, let’s talk about this “tie” idea that the media wanted. The final round is two dunks and whoever has the highest score after those wins. But, no player gave in on the two and even on the third dunk to break the tie they weren’t giving in.

So why is a tie so dumb? It is a contest. No freeway should be given even though this isn’t too serious. Imagine there being a tie with the three point contest. They were so deadlocked no one could miss. You wouldn’t want a tie because you knew someone would have to miss. But the same can be said about the dunk contest. I understand we want a really good dunk, fresh in our minds but it makes the dunk contest way more of a publicity stunt than a contest. No matter what, we don’t want a tie. Would players really want that. People forget this is who is the best dunker and part of that is who has the most ideas, who can go the longest. That should’ve been the final round and then the judges said who should’ve won. That is it, no tie, an actual winner for something that is a contest.

Picture courtesy of: ESPN

I get the dunk contest isn’t as much of a contest that it is a public event, but we shouldn’t accept two winners.

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