What will Joe Burrow’s Future Look Like?

Joe Burrow, Heisman winner, and QB of the National Championship winning team LSU Tigers, is a sensational player. He not only leads the NCAA in yards passing and touchdowns thrown, but led LSU to an undefeated National Championship winning team. So what will his future be like?

Well, Burrow started as a backup for Ohio State. He only got a couple of snaps and didn’t have a future with the Buckeyes. So he transferred to take a starting QB position with LSU and Head Coach Ed Orgeron. As a Junior at LSU, Burrow led the Tigers to a 10-3 record, and finished their season out with a win in the Fiesta Bowl. He came back to the team and the 2019 Tigers started at 6 in the AP Poll. The team went on to beat 7 top ten teams at the time they played them and only 3 were within a possession. In addition they dominated great teams as they won against 4 top five schools by a combined 84 points, which averages to winning by 21 a game.

With all that in mind, Burrow will be great. There are many reasons but one for sure is he has accuracy. Not only do the stats show for it, but the throw’s I’ve seen him make are picture perfect. He leads the NCAA in completion percentage on top of all those perfect throws to show how accurate he is.

Also, he is mobile. The style of QB’s is changing from pocket passers to running and Joe Burrow has that. He isn’t a running QB, but he has mobility and isn’t scared to roll out and run as he has ran the ball 115 times this season, which averages to be about 8 attempts per game, which is a good amount, considering he is such a remarkable passer.

Another reason is his work ethic. Going from 10-3 and beating 7 top ten teams, winning the Heisman, and a National Championship, all while being undefeated takes great determination and hard work. Not only did he grow in that one year span but, he was the backup on the Ohio State Buckeyes and barely got any play time. He went from a nobody to a somebody to love and that should be applauded and recognized when determining someone’s greatness.

Picture courtesy of: KTBS

Most importantly, he wins. Joe Burrow wins the big games. He has played his best games this year in the last three games which were a Bowl, a National Championship, and a Conference Championship. Not only that but he just wins in general going undefeated this season and only racked up three losses last season. All he does is win, win, win no matter and he will be great for that.

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