Was Lebron’s attempted Charge Worth it?

Yesterday on Christmas, Lebron James aggravated his groin on an attempted to take a charge. This happened not even 2 minutes into the game. This groin injury could be time missed for the legend. Was this attempted charge worth it?

Now, if you look at what it could mean in the future, it wasn’t worth it. I mean Lebron is about to turn 35 next week so taking charges that could put your career in jeopardy aren’t ideal. But the problem with that is it takes away the basketball player inside Lebron.

If Lebron wants to play like the 15-time all-star he is, then he needs that same mentality of taking charges and being a strong basketball player like he is. No matter if there is 2 minutes left in the game, or the game is only 2 minutes in.

Look, the guy is aging, he has played for 16 seasons. He isn’t a young guy. His talent is going to fall off and so will his physicality. It is similar to Tom Brady. Brady is the greatest QB of all-time and he is more than 40 years of age. Age catches up and will end guys careers. It is just a matter of time for whether Lebron will end his career.

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Picture courtesy of: Hagerstown Airport

So was it worth it? No. It isn’t going to be worth taking charges in the future because the team would rather give up 2 points if that means he will be on the court for the rest of the game. The presence of Lebron is extremely important and one charge shouldn’t decide the fate of him.

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