Why the Ravens Have Been Unstoppable

Everyone is going crazy about the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson is a QB that is better than running backs, as he is 11th in rushing and has less attempts than any other player in the top 10 in rushing. They lead the league in rushing by 300 yards and don’t have the most rushing attempts. Finally, they are 7-2 and are 2nd in total offense. How is the team so good?

It’s the unpredictability with the Ravens. This team isn’t just make Lamar run the ball every time. These are designed pass plays and Lamar improvises as the play goes on. On Sunday Night Football, Chris Colinsworth mentioned a great point. Lamar wants to be in the pocket. He doesn’t get the ball and roll out immediately. This team calls pass plays and if you play to Lamar running on the pass, they use their tight ends as their main receivers to make the catch.

But what about the playoff game against the Chargers when they killed the Ravens in their run game? Can’t teams just do that again? The thing about that is I think Lamar was nervous an missed throws he would have made even as a running QB now. Now, with some playoff experience and a year to improve, I think that could change that in the future, assuming he plays another playoff game.

The other big thing is the Ravens defense. Ever since they acquired CB Marcus Peters, a pro-bowler from the Rams, who played his first game against the Seahawks 3 weeks ago, the Ravens have forced 7 turnovers and have had 5 defensive TD’s. Also, they have allowed an average of about 16 points a game in that three game stretch.

The Ravens have one of the best secondary’s in the league with two former Pro-Bowlers in the secondary and a possible upcoming one in Marlon Humphrey.

Picture courtesy of: https://slate.com/culture/2019/11/lamar-jackson-run-bengals-2019-michael-vick.html

The Ravens are stacked from offense to defense and even to special teams with one of the best kickers ever in Justin Tucker. It will be an interesting season.





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