The Real Problem in the NFL

The NFL has it all. They don’t have money problems. Stupid rules within the game. Pace of play problems. What is wrong? The real problem that is making more headlines than the players, is the referees.

The referees have made more bad calls this season than the amount of times my brother screams at his TV. The bad calls are astronomical. Referees are in the game to enforce rules in an unnoticeable manner. The referee shouldn’t be the star of the show. That is the complete opposite of what is happening this year.

What is causing this crisis? Well, the NFL is losing veteran referees. Gene Steratore, John Parry, Terry McAulay, Bill Leavy, and Ed Hochuli have all left the NFL recently. These officials all were Super Bowl referees at one point in their career. This youth of officials could be a big problem within the NFL.

Also, as Bruce Arians, the coach of the Bucs said, “Referees aren’t held accountable.” That is completely true. These referees are getting away with bull crap calls and the NFL just puts out a statement of their stupidity and lets them officiate another game the next week. What logic does that serve?These referees are being let off the hook and I’m fed up, you’re fed up, and so is everyone else.

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Trust me. I love officiating sports. I love these people. If anything, I should be the biased guy. But the NFL is starting to become unwatchable with a penalty every play. The NFL shouldn’t pay $200,000 to guys that ruin their game.

One thought on “The Real Problem in the NFL

  1. Between commercials and reviewing plays the NFL is no fun to watch. The same is also going to happen in college football. Good blog


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