Penn State Isn’t Done Yet

Penn State lost to unbeaten No.17 Minnesota today 31-26 in a thriller. For Penn State, they lose their perfect season and their playoff hopes. Or do they lose their playoff hopes? No. And the way to get in the playoffs isn’t out of this world.

It’s simply said. Penn State needs to win out. This is how it could go down.

Penn State needs to beat Indiana and Ohio State on the road. If they somehow pull that off, they would go to the Big Ten Championship, where they would almost certainly play the Golden Gophers of Minnesota again. If they win this they will make the CFP.

Why do they make the CFP? Well, they definitely make it in over Ohio because they already beat them, they have the same amount of losses and they have the conference championship.

They make it in over Minnesota because they cancel out their first loss to them in the Big Ten Championship. On top of that, they have a conference championship and a better strength of schedule. This clearly shows that they have the edge over Big Ten teams.

Picture courtesy of: USF Blogs- University of San Francisco

What about other teams? Well, with Alabama losing, they’re out. So, even if Clemson and LSU are locks, one of those spots has to go to the Nittany Lions for a chance to play for the National Championship.

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