The Warriors Might Miss the Playoffs

When people said this over the summer, I thought it was crazy. When the Warriors played their first three games where their record falls to 1-2, I thought it was true. The Warriors might miss the playoffs.

Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are great players. Thompson is one of the best shooters of all-time. Plays great defense. Perfectly fits the Warriors formula. On the other hand, Durant is one of the best all around

player of all-time. He is almost seven-feet tall and is a knockdown mid-range shooter and three-point shooter. His length and speed make him what he is and has a sensational defensive game.

These players have several things in common. Both play or have played for the Warriors. Both can make shots on the perimeter. Both have a career average of double-digit points. But the main thing these all-stars have in common is their defense. That is the reason the Warriors might miss the playoffs.

Stephen Curry and D’Angelo Russell play no defense on the perimeter. The loss of Klay Thompson for the year is a problem for the perimeter blockade. Draymond Green is a great physical defender but he isn’t enough.

The stats prove this as the Warriors are second to last in points allowed as this number is two shy of 130. That’s horrific.

Picture courtesy of: AP News

But what the teams they played? They did play the Clippers and Thunder. I understand that. Those teams are good defensively. But it is the fact that the Warriors allowed 141 to the Clippers and 120 to the Thunder. They even allowed 123 to the Pelicans. These numbers are way to high and it could cause them to watch the playoffs from home come April.

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