Who is the Best Team in College Football?

Week 9 is over in college football and sitting at the top is LSU. Are they the best? Are they overrated? Whose better? Who is the best team in the NCAA? Alabama? Ohio State? LSU? Here is my case for each team by their ranking right now and who is the real best of the bunch right now.

  1. LSU

Wins over Auburn, Florida, and Texas are just some parts of their resume, that has no losses on it. They have the 2nd best passing offense, the 3rd best total offense, and the 4th best scoring offense. To add to their team they have the senior from Ohio, Joe Burrow at QB who is No.1 in the Heisman voting.

2. Alabama

This undefeated team has one of the best offenses in the league as they sit at No. 2 in scoring offense with Tua Tagovailoa at QB who is also in the Heisman Watch. They don’t have much on their schedule but the tide go against LSU in two weeks in a possible 1 vs. 2 showdown

3. Ohio State

This is the most dominant team in college football right now. The closest game they have had was 24 points against Michigan State. They won by 31 against the best defense and College Football. This team is stack and on top of it they are 2nd in Total Defense and 7th in Total Offense.

Picture courtesy of: Journal Sentinel

Now, I took this all in and said who is the best? From my determination Ohio State is the best of the bunch. As I stated they have a top 5 defense and top 10 offense, but the real thing is the dominance. They don’t let teams win. When you watch them they control the game from the minute. Every other team in the top 10 has had a below average game or a loss. This team doesn’t have that. They are destroyers and that means they’re the best.

One thought on “Who is the Best Team in College Football?

  1. I agree and the schedule they play is a true test of their character and I think they will win the National Championship. Their biggest challenge will be Penn State but they are at home. Good football season


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