What Does a Loss for Notre Dame or Georgia Mean?

No.7 Notre Dame visits No.3 Georgia on Saturday for a chance for a CFP appearance. Or is it? Notre Dame is a 14-point underdog so do they deserve a chance even if they lose? Does Georgia?

A road loss to Georgia isn’t bad. Notre Dame can still win games like No.11 Michigan and No.21 Virginia. But will that prove themselves? No. It won’t. Notre Dame is a shadow of teams like Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, and Oklahoma. This is Notre Dame’s game to prove themselves because even if they win against Michigan and Virginia, they don’t have enough on their schedule to prove themselves because all of the other teams ahead of them, creating the shadow.

For example, LSU plays Alabama on the road this year. Even if they lose, the committee won’t think of it as a bad loss, like Notre Dame’s situation, but the difference is LSU plays 5 ranked teams this year, like Alabama, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, and Auburn. They have more strength to their schedule which the committee loves, as LSU ranks 6 and Notre Dame ranks way back at 42.

Now if Georgia loses they’re done. 14 point underdogs at home does not show No.3 Georgia is one of the 4 best. The CFP is way out of the picture for Georgia, which will mean they’ll miss out 2 years in a row. No stat can change what a loss for Georgia means showing how important this game really is.

Picture courtesy of: 247Sports.com

This game has implications for the National Championship. Who do you think will win?

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