A New Time Calls for Better Action

This new time is Daniel Jones. Eli Manning heads to the bench after starting for the Giants for 16 years and Jones heads to the field in his rookie season. Is this the right decision? What will happen? Is he a Pro-Bowler? No, absolutely not.

Is this the right decision. I believe so. The Giants have been in a slump for the past 5 years ranking in the bottom half of total offense for three of those years and in the other two, the defense was in the bottom half. They need a change and it could be Daniel Jones. It gives the fans something to look forward to, to maybe see a change in the offense.

It’s similar to the Ravens, when Lamar Jackson came along, in for Joe Flacco, and completely changed the offense from heavy pass to heavy run and won 5 out of the last 6 games getting them into the playoffs. Everyone was excited for it and wanted change.

Now for what will happen. I don’t think it will be good. His career at Duke wasn’t stellar. His completion percentage was below 60, which is below average, and he is a heavy pocket passer. So, he doesn’t create plays and doesn’t throw for accuracy. I think the Giants will become worse and worse until they fix something in their offense because for years it has been holding them back.

Picture courtesy of: SNY

Say what you think Daniel Jones will become. A bust or a bowler?

2 thoughts on “A New Time Calls for Better Action

  1. I think he will be a bust-You are correct in saying that his low completion rate in college will be a factor in him not being a good NFL QB…however sometimes change is good, especially when your starting QB is way past his prime


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