The Pennsylvania Problem

The Steelers and Eagles have two massive barriers in their way. The Steelers just lost Ben Roethlisberger for the season and the Eagles have the Cowboys to deal with for the division title. So what do they do now?

With this injury, the Steelers have Mason Rudolph who is next to bad with a completion percentage of 63 on 19 throws and an interception on top of that. He did cash in with a TD and 112 yards passing. He isn’t a guy to bring them to the playoffs, but the Steelers aren’t going 2-14, it will just be a struggle.

Now, the Eagles don’t have as many problems within the team besides a few injuries in their receiving core and Carson Wentz seeming to be injury prone. But, it is the Cowboys who seem to be the better team. The offense has a top 3 RB and a very underrated QB in Dak Prescott. Also, they have a dangerous pass rush and a possible top 10 defense. I don’t see the Eagle getting themselves together and moving ahead of the Cowboys.

Picture courtesy of: For The Win – USA Today

Do you think you can solve the Pennsylvania Problem? Comment down below if you have any thoughts.

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