The Ravens are Dangerous.

I’m a Ravens fan and the title of this is with no bias. The Ravens are really good.

The defense is close to top 5. They have the best secondary in the league with Earl Thomas and Tony Jefferson at safety and cornerbacks of Marlon Humphrey, Brandon Carr, and Jimmy Smith. The pass rush is pretty good with Micheal Pierce and Brandon Williams. The Ravens lack at the middle-linebacker spot but still have good enough outside-linebackers.

Now, what really makes them crazy is the offense. Lamar Jackson threw three incompletions against the Dolphins Week 1 and one was a drop. On top of that, he threw for 324 yards with 5 touchdowns and no picks thrown. That is ridiculous. Now, it’s not like the run game has gone away. Mark Ingram rushed over 100 yards and cashed in for 2 touchdowns and Lamar still has the rushing ability.

Picture courtesy of: BettorsNet

You may think, “The Dolphins suck though, so it really isn’t that impressive.” Well, I disagree. I’m not saying Lamar is the best QB in the league. But, saying with this improvement, they aren’t predictable against better teams which makes them very dangerous.

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