Should you be Banned the First Time You Use PED’s?

I’m sorry for not posting a lot. My summer has been extremely busy and blogging has become harder. I will try to get some blogs out as much as I can for the rest of the summer.

So now to the topic. This topic can be talked about by anyone who lives on the earth. No background knowledge needed besides if the league catches you taking PED’s(performance enhancing drugs) in any sport, you get a suspension and it depends but, for most sports the third time you get caught, your banned. But not the first time. But should it be that way?

I always thought it should. The league clearly states you can’t do that. But, now my mind has changed.

I asked Nick Boyle, one of the Ravens TE’s, who went through a 4-game suspension and a 10 for taking PED’s, about how it matured him as a player. He said, “ That was probably the hardest time I’ve ever went through.” He went on to add that he had no purpose at that time because he was made for football and I think that would be a common answer. These guys love what they do. This suspension would teach them a lesson that will stick with them forever. A suspension is still a major penalty.

Picture courtesy of: Medium

If a guy like Ray Lewis, J.J. Watt, Tom Brady were banned in their prime for using PED’s, imagine how you would feel. It wouldn’t feel good if you loved them because you’ll never see him play on a football field again and they had so much talent. It would be wasteful.

Also, I don’t ever think this will ever happen because Rodger Goodell wouldn’t want any star leaving this league. It wouldn’t be good for their money, and that’s what it all revolves around.

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