5 Takeaways from Free Agency

My posting schedule has been slow. It is tough because I’m so busy and I’ll be back on a every other day schedule after next week.

The NBA Free Agency just ended and a lot happened. KD and Kyrie to the Nets. Kawhi to the Clippers, with Paul George following, and Kemba to the Celtics. Here are my five takeaways.

  1. Stop Going Crazy About KD and Kyrie

Yeah, they are two all-stars. But they gave away a younger PG, in D’Angelo Russell, and KD is injured, and it’s his achilles. That is an injury no one can comeback the same from. Look at DeMarcus Cousins, who went from being one of the best centers in the league, to averaging 16 points a game around his prime years.

2. The Lakers were Disappointing. Again

Last year they got Lebron. How is that disappointing? They got no one else. That’s why they didn’t make the playoffs. Then, in free agency they pick up DeMarcus Cousins. That’s it. Anthony Davis is great, but not part of free agency. I only expect Boogie Cousins to get worse.

3. The Sixers are going to be tough

Their starting lineup will be a PG that can Power Forward, a Small Forward that can play Power Forward, and two Centers. That’s dangerous even though they lost a former all-star in Jimmy Butler.

4. I Think the Celtics Upgraded

Getting Kemba Walker is a huge upgrade. He is in his prime and Kyrie Irving is not a good fit for the Celtics. Losing Horford hurts, but getting Kanter isn’t too bad for the Celtics. I think they are only going to improve over the years.

Picture courtesy of: Sports Illustrated

5. The Warriors Won’t be that Bad

They lose KD, so what. They have Klay Thompson back, and he is injured but he won’t come back terrible. D’Angelo Russell is a great pick up because he is pretty big so you can put him at Small Forward. He is a great shooter and will help the team. They’ll be in the playoffs, not as high, but when Klay is back they should be fine.

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