Do the Celtics Gamble on Kemba Walker?

The Celtics are starting to lack talent. With Irving and Horford most likely gone, and Terry Rozier now at the point guard, they are lacking scoring. But, can Kemba Walker help them recover? Of course.

Kemba Walker hasn’t had a good player on his team ever. He has got them to the playoffs and forced a Game 7 in the first round. He is an all out scorer and playmaker. He makes the players around him better and just plays his heart out. With many young talent around him, he could make them better and guide them.

Picture courtesy of: Fadeaway World

Also, he isn’t a guy to be a problem in the locker room like Kyrie, and he won’t force a lot of money. Now, the Celtics can open cap space losing Horford and Irving, it opens up the whole for a guy who isn’t old, like a Chris Paul, and they need a point guard so it will be a perfect gamble.

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