A Huge Mistake.

The Lakers traded Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and 3 first-round picks for Anthony Davis. This doesn’t make any logical sense. Let me explain…

First, Anthony Davis is no basketball legend. He is talented. But he isn’t some god, where you trade half your team away and your draft picks. This is the Lakers getting greedy for one guy, who isn’t the most durable person in the world.

Second, the Lakers have no future. They traded THREE FIRST-round draft picks for the future, and three of the four rising stars on their team away. Lebron is getting older, and even in years when they lose Lebron, they don’t have any other players because, they have no draft picks, and Anthony Davis will be on the brink of retiring.

Finally, they aren’t the dominant team now. They have two great players. They have an okay player on the starting lineup, and certainly not on their bench. Teams will adjust to them. They have no one else to work with. Kuzma is the okay player but, he is not an all-star. I’m sure he will be an all-star soon but that doesn’t make them a team to be afraid of.

Picture courtesy of: Factory of Sadness

One final thing is they made LaVar Ball mad. That might be the worst mistake you can make on this planet. They have just woken a bear from hibernation. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

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