Why the Raptors are the Next Dynasty

Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile. Now, I’m out of school, I should be posting on a daily schedule.

The Raptors just won the NBA Finals. If you think about it, they are the team that should win the NBA Finals again. Here are some reasons…

  1. Who’s beating them?

The Warriors, just lost without Durant in a 7-game series, and with the Warriors not being able to afford him or Thompson, the Warriors aren’t beating the Raptors.

What about the Bucks? My brother mentioned a great point. Once, the Raptors shut down Giannis, they don’t have anyone else to take the game over. The Raptors have Kawhi, Lowry, and even Siakam. It is too much talent.

Your forgetting one! The Sixers! They lost on a lucky shot. If you think that then your wrong. The Raptors lost the three games to the Sixers shooting under 30%. All the games they won in the Finals were over that. They had a bad series. Even that lucky shot game, they shot under 30%. They weren’t playing to their full potential, and were sloppy.

2. They’re the deepest team in the league

What else do I have to say, They have about 8 guys playing on the team a night. 7 of them are star studded, physical and athletic players.

3. They have more than one guy that can take the game over

Just like I said earlier, they have guys that can dominate. I only mentioned Lowry, Kawhi, and Siakam, but they have even more with VanVleet, who comes off the bench.

Picture courtesy of: Tech Geeked

Comment down below who you think has the best chance of winning next season!

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