Can Brooks Koepka be the Next Tiger Woods?

I know I had a similar article on Brooks Koepka, and if it was the start of a dynasty for him, and in that I said no. He just won another PGA Championship, and now has 4 majors under his belt under the age of 30. But is he the next Tiger Woods? I think he is.

The way he is playing this year is really amazing. He has played in 11 solo PGA events this year and has missed the cut once. He has 2 wins and has 4 Top 10 finishes and 7 Top 25 finishes. That’s about a 36% Top 10 finish percentage and about a 63% Top 25 finish percentage. He is dominating the game right now.

He bombs the ball down the fairway and most importantly has putted a lot better than he has in the past. Every time he putts the ball it seems like he puts in close to the hole, if not in.

But the very most important thing about his game is his mental toughness. You could see the calmness in him for every hole besides 14, where Dustin Johnson made his surge and he hit the ball over the green, but he still collected himself and finished the tournament. He doesn’t show much emotion which is huge to continue to hit good golf shots. A guy that did that well was Tiger Woods and he could be the next one.

The most amazing thing is he only has 5 PGA Tour wins. He loves the big events, and that makes him a great golfer. He has won 4 of the last 8 majors which is a feat only greats can accomplish. He is a golfer that has every part of his game as a working machine to victory and if the hinges keep working, the trophies, money, and road to glory will keep coming.

Tiger Woods is one of the all-time greats. How can he be an all-time great with only 5 wins? That is a great question. I think we have to forget his first years because they weren’t even close to the way he is playing now. Guys look afraid of him. He plays well on big occasions like Tiger did. No guys are on his level and besides Dustin Johnson, he was 6 shots ahead of the rest at the PGA. He is a player destined to dominate the game like Tiger with every part of his game working. He can keep this up for the rest of his career and go down as one of the all-time greats.

One thought on “Can Brooks Koepka be the Next Tiger Woods?

  1. While I like Brooks remember Spieth Thomas McAroy all made a run. It’s very hard to maintain at that level given the competition. World wide Woods has 95 wins 81 of them on the pga tour. Schools out and it will be fun to watch.


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