Three Takeaways from the Kentucky Derby

  1. The Right Call was Made

It was one of the most controversial calls in sports history. Maximum Security wins the race and everyone is thinking about him winning and celebrating they won a bet against their friends. But, it always says the unofficial winner when the horse crosses the line first. When it happened, no one knew about it. But, when everyone saw it, it looked pretty clear. He clearly goes into the other lane in front of War of Will. Not, only slows him down, but even contacts him. It was pretty clear, even to the NBC announcers, but still will be so controversial because it disqualifies the horse who crossed the line first.

2. Maximum Security was a Triple Crown Horse

He ran the Florida Derby and dominated. Won by about 5 lengths and ran down the stretch at the speed of light. He was so fast and even in the mud, he crossed the line first at the Kentucky Derby. He would be an easy Preakness winner, running faster than anybody on the short track. He is a closer, but I don’t think he has the pace to run the Belmont. Not only is Maximum Security a great closer, but a great pace setter. I think he will run in those races, but it depends.

Picture courtesy of: Washington Post

3. Country House May Have a Chance at the Preakness

It depends on the competition. But he was there the whole time at the Kentucky Derby. He likes the mud track, so he might need some help with that. But I think he can compete at the Preakness. I think there will be faster horses, so it may be tough. But there isn’t no chance.

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