Do the Rays have a Legitimate Shot at the Postseason?

Once the gates of the season opened, the Rays were the dominants. But can they sustain this run to October?

The Rays have the best pitching in baseball. Lowest ERA, third in K/BB ratio, third in strikeouts a game, and 60% of their pitchers that have pitched in more than ten games or started more then 6 have an ERA of less than 3. The Rays also have the second lowest opposing batting average. What more do I have to say.

What about batting? Well, they are 12th in batting average, and 11th in on-bae percentage. That isn’t that bad. So, do they have a shot?

Picture courtesy of: The New York Times

They do have a shot. The pitching is the best in baseball, and the batting isn’t terrible. They have a deep pitching lineup and their closer has a 1.38 ERA. You have a team that keeps bringing in tough relievers and a guy to finish the game. You have a playoff team.

I think the Yankees will surpass them after their slow start to the season with their major slugging lineup, their injured players returning, and their decent pitching rotation. But with the Red Sox not figuring out their pitching capabilities, and the Blue Jays and Orioles as non-threats, the Rays have an easy Wild Card spot.

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