Who wins the Bucks vs. Celtics Series and Why it Looks Bad for Boston

It is 1-1 in the series, and being a Celtics fan I’m nervous after last night’s game. Let me tell you…

Giannis is stoppable. The Celtics forced him out of the paint. They did a really good job of that. But he got them to foul him and now he’s figuring them out. He hit two three’s and is a dangerous threat when he he starts to get to the charity stripe because he could shoot 100 from there. Also, the absence of Marcus Smart leaves a hole covering Khris Middleton. People don’t understand he was a three-point contest contestant and was 70% from three hitting 7 three’s last night. Or, the Celtics don’t get that. That is the only thing he hurts them for Khris Middleton. He isn’t much of a threat inside.

But the real reasons they lost was Kyrie Irving and their offense. Kyrie played bad defense on a guy who is smaller than him and worse than him and he scored 9 POINTS! That is on 4-18 from the field and 1-5 from three. Hayward scored 5 and played 31 minutes, and Tatum had 5. It was a bad second half and it doesn’t look good for them.

Picture courtesy of: Rappler

Now, who wins the series? I think Irving just played a bad game and will be fine, but not Tatum. Even in the game 1, where they dominated, he scored 4. He is not himself anymore. Hayward needs to start over him and get up some more shots.

I think the Celtics defense will hold up a game but they will go down 3-2 going back to Boston. I think they can force it to seven with a good game from Hayward and a bad game from Giannis. But in 7, the Bucks will win with ease as Smart will hurt them not covering Middleton and Giannis plays well in big games. It will be he lesser amount of scoring hurting them in these losses and having trouble covering Giannis.

I don’t want to have the right prediction, but I think I will.:(

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