A Cavalier and a Raider, Who Wins?

Virginia and Texas Tech face off for the National Championship tonight. Instead of looking at the stats and offensive scheme, we’re looking at the mascots of each team. Virginia is the Cavaliers and Texas Tech is the Red Raiders. Who wins?

For the history, a Cavalier was in favor of King Charles I during the English Civil War. They were known as royalists, but the nickname was given to them by the opposing Roundheads as a term of abuse for the wealthier supporters. The Cavaliers were well dressed men and fought with swords, rifles, muskets etc. They did end up losing the English Civil War to the Roundheads, playing a big part.

We aren’t going to be looking at the specifics of certain types of raiders. Just in general a raider. Raiders, are much more aggressive, as they attack by raids.

Although, Cavaliers had a battle tactic of charging their horses full speed at their opposition and firing their pistols just before they crashed. But, is that enough to kill the Raiders.

The winner is the Raiders. Raiders don’t run at you and attack, they do it when you’re not expecting it, when you can’t fight back. They are basically land pirates. The cavaliers won’t really have a chance to fight back.

Also, a good raider will always come away with something, and that means they are winners. The Cavaliers weren’t winners. They were losers.

Image result for a raider and cavalier
Picture courtesy of: Star Tribune

So, based off that in depth look at both teams offensive and defensive schemes, talent, and stats, the Raiders win.

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