Texas Tech vs. Michigan State Predictions

The second game of the Final Four is the Red Raiders and Spartans. This game will be a lot better than the first, with Texas Tech on a hot streak on defense. This game could be an instant classic.

Michigan State is on a roll. The team that I think will win the National Championship can shoot well right now, pass the ball, rebound, and play defense. What more can you ask for. The team is really tough to beat. They just knocked the No.1 overall seed in Duke. Can Texas Tech beat them? I think they can.

Texas Tech was 3rd in scoring defense this year. Their defense has been unstoppable in the NCAA Tournament allowing 2 teams to the least amount of points they scored in their season. They got Gonzaga to shoot 42.4% in the Elite Eight match-up when they average 52.6%. Also, Texas Tech hit some big shots in the Gonzaga game at the right time. I think they will hit some of those in their game against Michigan State.

Image result for michigan state final four
Picture courtesy of: Washington Post

My prediction is…

Michigan State- 67 Texas Tech- 65

In the end, it is a talent takeover on the Michigan State side. This will be a close and highly physical game.

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