Auburn vs. Virginia Predictions

The first game of the Final Four is Auburn and Virginia. The two complete opposite teams of slow paced offense in Virginia and fast paced offense in Auburn, could be a great game.

With the way Auburn played against Kentucky, they’re not winning. There was about 10 times where the ball was thrown around, almost turned over, and tipped in the last 5 minutes. They can’t do that against Virginia because they are one of the best defensive teams and will capitalize that. It looked sloppy for Auburn and even though they don’t turn the ball over all the time, they will struggle if they can’t throw and catch the ball.

The thing about Auburn is they will struggle to get back into the game because Virginia will control the pace. That is what Virginia needs to stay consistent with, controlling pace. Auburn can shoot the three and score a lot of points which may keep them in it if the pace is not controlled by Virginia.

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The prediction for the first game of the Final Four is:

Virginia-69 Auburn-61

Virginia will control the pace and use Kyle Guy and Jerome to hit shots and keep them up. They will be in the National Championship game for the first time in school history.

2 thoughts on “Auburn vs. Virginia Predictions

  1. I agree Auburn was somewhat lucky to be there but V. Seems much more controlled. Should be interesting. How about the other game again to different styles


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