The Team Who Has the Best Chance to Win the National Championship

Texas Tech, Michigan State, Virginia, Auburn. 4 teams, three games, one champion. This is the Final Four. Who has the best chance to win? Michigan State.

Michigan State is so good. I saw a run coming from them but I picked Louisville to win against them for some reason. Michigan State has finally come together as a team. Their defense is aggressive forcing 17 turnovers against Duke in their Elite Eight win.

Image result for michigan state basketball elite eight
Picture courtesy of: Latest Style

The most satisfying thing is the fact that they shot about 43% from the field, mediocre, and a bad 31% from the three against Duke. They didn’t even shoot that well but they pass the ball well and hit shots at the right time against not just Duke, but against Bradley and Minnesota in the Tournament. They pass, rebound and defend. The shooting is iffy but can show up. They are almost at the perfect formula for success if they can nail down shooting consistently, because they have shooters. I think they can come together and hold up the trophy on Monday.

One thought on “The Team Who Has the Best Chance to Win the National Championship

  1. I agree but I must admit the speed of all the contenders is flat awesome. Not making foul shots has hurt a lot of teams especially late in the game and overtime. Should be a great weekend. Nice to see teams in it for the first time


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