Selection Sunday 2019

Here are my predictions for the first 6 seeds in the tournament. Also, the last four in and out

#1 seeds: Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Gonzaga

Since Tennessee lost, Gonzaga gets a 1.

#2 seeds: Michigan St, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Michigan

Michigan jumps LSU and Texas Tech because they both lost.

#3 seeds: Texas Tech, LSU, Houston, Florida St

Florida St is the only other team besides Duke to beat Virginia and they go to the ACC Final because they beat Virginia, definitely a three.

#4 seeds: Purdue, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Kansas

Kansas doesn’t move due to their loss to Iowa St because they still made the Final and have some quality wins like Tennesse and Michigan St earlier in the season.

#5 seeds: Villanova, Kansas St, Auburn, Iowa St

Auburn is in the Final of the tough SEC, a well deserved 5. Also, Iowa St. gets a huge jump due to their Big 12 Championship

#6: Nevada, Maryland, Buffalo, Marquette

Marquette has lost 5 of their last 6, dropping them dramatically.

Picture courtesy of: Twitter

Last four in: NC St, Temple, TCU, St.John’s

Last four out: Arizona St, Creighton, Clemson, Indiana

Since NC St beat Clemson, that got them in the tournament

Temple is one of the only teams to beat Houston and beat UCF. They only have 5 losses in the American Athletic, a top conference this year.b

TCU has had a rough patch as their season progressed, as they were ranked in the beginning of the year, but they still make the tournament because they just snuck past Oklahoma St in the Big 12 Tournament.

St John’s has lots of quality wins such as Villanova, Seton Hall, and Marquette twice.

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