Will Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Be a Problem?

Today in school I saw a Giants fan and asked him how is your day. Now, the Browns just got Odell Beckham from the Giants in a groundbreaking trade. My friend said he wasn’t that sad. He thinks the Giants would draft Dwayne Haskins and he said, “He wouldn’t want Odell to complain to him about getting the ball, so Haskins would distribute the ball better.” Now, when the two ultra egos of Odell and Baker combine, that may hurt the Browns.

I don’t think it will be a problem because Baker is good at exploring the field and being nimble when he doesn’t have the best pass. I think he will find Odell a lot and there won’t be a lot of complaints. Even if problems do occur, I think Baker just wants to win and will try to ignore Odell.

Now, do I think the Browns will win the AFC North? I do. I think they willl work to improve their defense a little more, and I think their offense is stacked. I don’t think Kareem Hunt will have any problems and Baker is only going to get better. Odell is a major pick up and it adds on to their strong receiving core with Jarvis Landry.

Picture courtesy of: For the Win – USA Today

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