3 Sleeper Teams for the NCAA Tournament

The NCAA Tournament is not even a month away and teams are heating up. Who can make the Cinderella run to the Final Four? Here are some teams that can wear the glass slipper.

Side note: All bracket projections come from Bracketologist, Joe Lunardi

Side Note 2: To be considered a Cinderella in this case, you must be projected to be a 6 seed or higher.

3. Wofford

Projected Seed: 8

They are ranked, but still they are projected to be an 8. They have quality wins against against Furman, as they beat them twice. They don’t have many wins against teams like UNC, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi State. But they are hot now, as they weren’t in the beginning of the season, and looking at a run in March.

2. Florida

Projected Seed: 9

I love this team. They just beat LSU on the road, and I get they have been sloppy throughout the season, and inconsistent, but I think they have figured themselves out. They played Michigan St. tough and they have an aggressive and scary defense. If they get out of the road of a one seed, to a 7 or 10, they can go to the elite eight.

Picture courtesy of: Disney Wiki – Fandom

1. Kansas St.

Projected Seed: 6

This team is really scary. If they play good. They have beat and lost to Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas, and Iowa St. I think I might put them in the Final Four if they do well in the Big 12 Tournament. After, they get a lot of momentum, like they did against Kansas and went on to beat Baylor and Texas on the road, they can really make a run, just like last year.

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