Can We SHUT UP About Zion Once and For All!!

I can’t stand people anymore. Zion sprains his knee and the nation acts like the President was shot. I have have two topics I want to talk about though. How, the NCAA is a minor league for the NBA and then I’ll talk about Zion. ONE TIME!

Now, NCAA basketball is basically a minor league for the NBA and that’s not what it should be. Guys, are worrying about the NBA more than for their team. I think people complain about college being a step back for players that can go to the NBA right out of high school and that is false. They can get hurt in college, but you can get hurt walking down the street or practicing basketball. Your coach can give you valuable information.

I think the rule should be you go out of high school or you play two years in college.

Everyone is saying Zion shouldn’t play for the rest of the regular season when he is day-to day. That doesn’t make sense, he should be trying to play well for Duke. When March comes, and Duke could be a two seed if he doesn’t play, he may not be the best, not playing for almost a month.

Picture courtesy of: Sports Illustrated
Look at the fans in the back!!

I want to say I feel bad for Zion because he has so much pressure on what he should do and he just wants to play.

4 thoughts on “Can We SHUT UP About Zion Once and For All!!

  1. Brooks, a good reporter breaks through the hype cycle for a story no one else is telling…are shoe companies testing new products with student athletes? is that dangerous? how many athletes get hurt in college affecting them into the pros? do athletes get better healthcare than other students? why is he named Zion? Too much coverage isn’t the problem. it’s all the same coverage. dig deeper 🙂


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