What is Wrong With Michigan St?

Michigan St just lost three games in a row. These losses were to all unranked teams at the time they played them. But, this doesn’t add up. They are third in the nation in defensive rebounds per game, second in the nation in assists per game, twelfth in the nation in assist-turnover ratio, and 10th in field-goal percentage. So, what is wrong?

Well, they don’t have a lot of talent. They lost one of their best players in Josh Langford, which hurts, but what is wrong?

I think the answer is the inconsistency in the last couple games. In their first loss of the losing streak against Purdue, they shot under 40% from the field and from three. In the same game, they shot under 70% from the line.

Against Indiana at home, the shooting was up over 40%, but they shot 36.4 from the charity stripe.

In their most recent loss to Illinois, they shot over 50% from the field, and 91% from the line, but shot 36% from three. I know I sound like a stat head but the team can’t have a consistent game.

The defense isn’t great, but it is still good as they allow an average of 67.5 points a game, seventy-ninth in the nation. They are twenty-seventh in the nation in scoring offense. But, the inconsistency is hurting them and is going to drain their confidence.

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