The City of Angels and the City of… Tom Brady?

Well, I don’t know what to say about Foxbrough, MA, than where the Patriots play. If I asked someone name a player on the Patriots, most people would name Tom Brady. Right? But the Patriots will need a lot more than Tom Brady to beat the Rams.

My prediction is that the Rams will win 31-27. I think the Rams pass rush is amazing. The Patriots will have trouble with this pass rush because even if they double team Aaron Donald or chip block him, they have Ndamukong Suh to deal with. When Brady has time, he picks you apart and I think that is why Brady played so well in the last Super Bowl. Finally, when the Eagles got to him, he fumbled.

Now, I think the Patriots will jump out to an early lead. The Rams have only 4 players that have played in the Super Bowl before today. The Patriots have 36 guys. Experience will be key. The Rams will get a big play in the 1st half to keep them in the game. My halftime score prediction is: 13-7, Patriots.

Picture courtesy of: Bet Labs

I think after the jitters pass, Goff and the Rams will start to come on after halftime. I think they will come out of the half on a touchdown, add a field goal later and Brady will stop the Rams scoring run. The Patriots will go on a 14-point run and lead 27-17. This is where I think the game can go either way, but I don’t think the Patriots are balanced as much as I think the Rams are, and in a desperate attempt to score, the Rams will hold the Patriots and the Lombardi Trophy.

One thought on “The City of Angels and the City of… Tom Brady?

  1. Good analysis I hope you are right. I can’t believe that coach is only 33. I also hope it will not be decided some guy wearing a prison shirt. Go Rams


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