New Ideas For the Poop Bowl

The Pro Bowl or as I like to call it, the Poop Bowl, is the worst game of football. Yesterday it was played in the cold and rainy conditions. That was just the icing on the poop cake. The players don’t try and it is a waste of time. I would rather watch UTEP football, a 1-11 team, play the Patriots. I have some new ideas for this that would be more clever than what Goodell brings to the table.

  1. The Good Poop Bowl

This would be a battle of the NFL’s two worst teams(by record). It would be called the Poop Bowl and the winner would get the #1 pick in the draft. I think it would bring a lot more attention than the Pro Bowl, because the game matters.

2. 3…2…1… DODGEBALL!!

This is my own idea and I love it. 5 representatives from each NFL teams would compete in a dodgeball tournament. This would take place after the Super Bowl, so it wouldn’t interfere with those two teams.

Now, the Pro Bowl already has a dodgeball game with the players, and the rules used there would be applied to the tournament. It would take place over four days, starting Thursday. The rankings would be based off of record. The only rule change is, instead of winning 2 out of 3 games. You would need to win 4 out of 7.

Picture courtesy of: USA TODAY Sports

Comment about if you have any other ideas.

Also, the Pro Bowl players would still be picked, so the bonus the players get would still be intact. Just no game.

My opinion Monday: I thought that Michigan St. should drop to a 9 instead of a 6, due to their loss to Purdue. Purdue was projected to win by 1, but they got beat by 10 and that deserves a drop.

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