Are the Warriors in Trouble

The Warriors have lost their 12 of 35 games. They have 5 losses by 20 or more points and 4 of those games were at home. They aren’t the same team as they have been in the past years. Are they at risk of losing in the playoffs early?

I think the Warriors are fine. Steve Kerr is optimistic about them. He thinks they’ve set the bar too high. He relates to when he was on the Bulls and how he set the bar too high on such a great team, just like his players now. Every loss was criticized when he played for the Bulls. He says in this era for his team, it is harder to take a loss because of the media.

Kevin Durant is also optimistic about the team and ranting about how the media doesn’t mean anything to him.

Now, as I said earlier, the Warriors are fine. They are tied for first place in the West with the Denver Nuggets. They are having trouble identifying who they are. Klay Thompson scored 5 points against the Lakers on Christmas. That is real bad. They have 47 games left to start to get into a groove. As I said, they are tied for the lead in a Western Conference that is hard to look at right now.

Picture courtesy of: Buisness Insider

So, there is nothing to worry about bandwagons. Just keep on riding.

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