Touchdown Steelers! Flag?

I am not a Steelers fan. In fact, I’m Ravens fan. But, the Steelers vs. Saints was a huge game, that might cost the Steelers a playoff bid. The game was hard to watch because of the officials. Here is why the game was officiated so bad.

  1. 3:10 left in the 1st Quarter, Saints ball on the Steelers 35, down 3-0, 4th and 1. Brees throws a pass deep to the front of the end zone, intended for Alvin Kamara. The pass falls incomplete. There was a flag on Joe Haden for pass interference. Was this the right call?

No. This was terrible. Joe Haden put his hands on Kamara’s back. Didn’t push him. Just rested his hands. Jim Nantz, the national commentator for the game said, “ I’ve never seen less of a pass interference call in my life.”

2. 28-24 Steelers, 4th and 2 for the Saints at the Steelers 26, 2:00 left in the 4th Quarter. Brees throws to Michael Thomas on the slant. It falls incomplete. A late flag comes in for pass interference. Was this the right call?

No. They both had their hands on each other at the top of the route. When Thomas ran the slant and Brees threw it. There was no contact beside Haden’s chest rubbing the back of Thomas. It was good defense.

Both these plays cost the Steelers the game. There were bad calls on both sides, but this is showing how soft the NFL is getting.

Joe Haden upset after pass interference call keeps the game winning drive alive for the Saints.
Picture courtesy of: Steelers Wire-USA Today

One thought on “Touchdown Steelers! Flag?

  1. I totally agree there seems to be so many flags thrown that the players are not sure what to do. I have no favorite pro football team but I really enjoyed watching the game with my grandsons with all the smack talk and give and take. Take that flag and put it well never mind you get the point


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