Is Lamar Jackson the Right Guy for the Ravens?

      The Ravens are on a role with Lamar Jackson. Winning 3 of their last 4. Their lost was on the road the Chiefs, a powerhouse offense, and they lost in overtime. But is Lamar Jackson the right guy? Is Joe Flacco done?

      I think Lamar Jackson is okay. He can role out and make plays. He is unpredictable. But, then again, the Baltimore defense is at their peak. He is getting the ball a lot. He doesn’t throw the ball well. The Ravens beat the Raiders, Bengals, and Falcons when he was QB. All teams with losing records. He isn’t putting up anything impressive. The Ravens run game is what is working. Put Joe Flacco in and you got a deadly run game and a guy that can throw well. But he must be healthy. 

      For now, the Ravens are about to play the Buccaneers. That is a game the Ravens should win. They are now probably making the playoffs, because other than a bad team in the Buccaneers, they have the Browns. I don’t see anything significant in Lamar Jackson. But the game plan is working. 

      Now, a very important topic about Joe Flacco. Should he get cut. He is using up a lot of money. If he doesn’t play again this season, and the Ravens win the division. He is done. He should be. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense would officially be the right fit. I say if the Ravens beat the Chargers on the road, Joe should be done too. I think the ravens should give Joe a chance because he hasn’t had something to play for. It will be interesting.

      Picture courtesy of: CBS Sports

One thought on “Is Lamar Jackson the Right Guy for the Ravens?

  1. A lot to think about , but the good news is they have two very good quarterbacks something every team would like to have. My advise don’t panic and let things play out. Always remember in football you are only one play away from retirement


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