The Committee Made a Good Choice

       On Sunday, the College Football Committee made a great decision. They put Alabama as a one, Clemson as a two, Notre Dame as a three, and Oklahoma as the four. Those four teams will play in the College Football Playoff for the National Championship. That was a great decision.

      Georgia or Oklahoma was the question going into Sunday. Does Georgia deserve to play for the National Championship with two losses. Oklahoma only has one, but Georgia lost to LSU and Alabama, while Oklahoma lost to Texas at home. These were all main questions going into Sunday.

      Oklahoma was the right call though. I get that Georgia controlled the game against Alabama and just lost. But, they lost. That is what people didn’t get. Everyone was talking about how good they played Alabama and they shoudn’t drop for that. But the committee stayed consistent in saying we have to penalize Georgia for losing. That is the right thing to do. Oklahoma had a bad loss to Texas at home, but they played them in the conference championship and avenged the loss.

      I get that it is about the four best teams, and Georgia is probably one of them. But, you have to take into interpretation, they lost by twenty to LSU, and choked a game against Alabama.  They also, don’t have a conference championship. They have to take into consideration what they did in the tough games. The two biggest games they played. They lost. Oklahoma won against their two biggest, against West Virginia and Texas the second time. 

      Picture courtesy of: The New York Times

2 thoughts on “The Committee Made a Good Choice

  1. Ohio St. plays in the toughest conference in football need I say more. One lose I the big ten give me a break. I would like to see any of those play mich. Mich St. Penn St. and non league Neb. Or maybe Wis. on consecutive weeks. Congress should abolish the NCAA and let Markle Sparkle Sports take over


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