Who’s in the Playoff?

     The NCAA Football season is coming to a close. Things are getting wild. Michigan the 4th ranked team in the nation just got killed, 62-39 by Ohio State the 10th ranked team. Michigan was on the road. So it isn’t as bad. Oklahoma, the 6th ranked, just beat the 13th ranked on the road, 59-56. Texas A&M, the 22nd ranked team in the nation beat the LSU Tigers at home 74-72 in 7 overtimes’ It doesn’t get more crazy.  Here is the Top 7 now…

     1. Alabama

     2. Clemson

     3. Notre Dame

     4. Michigan

     5. Georgia

     6. Oklahoma

     7. LSU

     Here is what I think it should be when the new playoff rankings come out.

     1. Alabama

Obviously the Crimson Tide stay put. They still haven’t lost and their offense is so good. Tua Tagovailoa can throw dots and scramble for yardage. He is pretty unstoppable.

     2. Clemson

Haven’t lost yet and are consistent offense and defense wise.

     3. Notre Dame

I initially thought they should pass Clemson as I pointed out in a video, because they have more quality wins. But now since they just squeaked by USC, I keep them at 3.

     4. Georgia

I was going to put Oklahoma at 4 but Georgia has a lost to LSU on the road. Oklahoma has a loss to Texas at home. Texas was ranked 19th at the time. LSU was ranked 13th. Oklahoma doesn’t have a great defense so for all those reasons, Georgia takes the 4 spot. They have to play Alabama in the SEC Championship. That is a tough game for Georgia.

     5. Oklahoma

     6. Ohio State

Huge win against Michigan. I should say a demolishing win. Boosts them ahead of UCF.

     7. UCF

23 straight wins is impressive. But they were not very tough games. That is why they are a seven, behind Ohio State. It is their strength of schedule in their league.445606A8-B81B-4F9F-BA2C-63C667DC3E81.jpeg

Picture courtesy of: WolverinesWire




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