Penn State, the Road is Over

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington           Penn St just lost 42-7 to Michigan. Michigan’s good. Not that good. Now, Penn St. is 6-3 and they are done for the year. They’ll make a bowl, just not a great one. They can’t make the Top 4. But you know that. I think they are done for a long time.

     For anyone who hasn’t seen them play, Penn State has really bad defense. Michigan is a good team. But their offense isn’t great. Anyway, the tackling is to the equivalent of a 8-year old playing Pop Warner, and just wrapping the guy up, but not taking him down. You wrap up and take down. They can’t do that. They always give the guy extra yards.

     Another reason they’re bad is because Trace McSorley, the QB, can’t read a blitz. I can see the defense walking toward the line of scrimmage 100’s of miles away. He is rushing passes, and his leg is beat up. It will hurt him going to the draft.

     Now, the reason why this team will fall apart in the long run, is James Franklin. I think he is a great off the field coach, but not on the field. He also, is suppose to read the defense. Not only that, but on Saturday, on a kick out of bounds, instead of getting the ball on the 40, he elects to have Michigan re-kick, 5-yards back. They get nowhere on the re-kick. That is just unlogical coaching. They were also down in the game! How dumb can you be. He is way to aggressive and intense. Penn State is in trouble.

     This season will hurt recruits and now they will lose McSorley and Penn State will go down the drain.

     Picture courtesy of: USA Today



2 thoughts on “Penn State, the Road is Over

  1. Well last year N D was 6 and 3 and we needed a new coach and gloom and doom prevailed. Now this year I doubt anyone wants to replace the coach what a difference a year makes. Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. Each year brings a new set players and next year at this you may be singing a new tune. Havingsaid that I do like your perspective. Love u


  2. Well last year when N. D. Was 6 and 3 it was time for a new coach and doom and gloom prevailed. What a difference a year makes. Don’t be so quick to throw the baby out with bath water. Next year things could be a lot better. Having I do like your perspective and I love u


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