Did Loh Make the Right Decision in Firing Durkin?

Last night, Wallace Loh, the President of the University of Maryland, fired D.J. Durkin, mostly due to the death of Jordan McNair. Was this the right decision?

Although Durkin wasn’t at the practice when McNair died, I think he should have been fired. He is responsible for his coaches and players. He is the boss of everyone. He hired the trainer and clearly the trainer did not take care of McNair. Also, other players came out and said that the coaches were toxic and working them too hard. He promised the McNair family that they would give him a good experience at Maryland. That is going to be taken against him.

Also, Maryland made one bowl game under Durkin in his two years that he coached and they lost. That isn’t bad, but they haven’t had a winning record. They haven’t been going anywhere.

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