LSU vs. Alabama: It is the LSU Year

Not only has Alabama won the last 7 meetings against LSU, but they have allowed about a 10 point score differential in those wins. But not this year, the Tigers are going to roar.

I’m not going to put out the fact that the LSU offense, can’t put up against Alabama’s offense. The game should be won by Alabama, but the one thing about Alabama is, they don’t know what it is like to play a tough team this year. LSU does. In fact, Alabama has played one ranked team this year. The team was Texas A&M, who was a 22-seed at the time. On the other hand, LSU has played 5 ranked teams this year and that is where I put the stats in my back pocket and say this.

I get Alabama is better, but the competitive fire LSU has over Alabama is gigantic. LSU’s last 3 games have been against ranked opponents. No matter how many great players or coaches you have, you can’t buff competitive fire to the point where your on the same level as a team who has played ranked competitive opponents for the last 3 games.

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