Why I am Not Excited for the NBA Season

      Sorry, for not posting for awhile. I want to get back to posting a lot as soon as possible. Today, we’ll talk about why I m nit making predictions for the NBA Playoffs, and why I have no interest in paying attention.

    The fact that the Warriors will win the NBA Finals is why I don’t care. I am interested to see what the Celtics do, since I’m a fan. I will sometimes still want too watch movies I know the end to. But, you don’t have the drive. I will be writing blogs about it, but I won’t have the question of, who will win? There isn’t that “if” factor anymore. Even if you think if is still up for grabs for other teams, there aren’t that many. But that is one of the reasons the NCAA is better than the NBA. There is always a super team in the NBA. There may be a great team in the NCAA, but it is single elimination. The better team usually wins because, they have a maximum of 7 games to find out.377C191B-20B8-4C18-A5E8-5FC1C254CC17

     Picture courtesy of: Bleacher Report

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