Top 3 Takeaways from Weeks 1-3 in the NFL

I am going to rank the top three takeaways from the first 3 weeks of the NFL season.      So starting off with…

1.  Hello Ryan Fitzpatrick

3 games with 400+ yards throwing is quite remarkable. I even picked him up on fantasy. He has played three tough teams and has pulled off some great wins. He is in some kind of groove. So there is no question to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick in over Jameis Winston. Jameis got league suspension. There has to be a team consequence to the player if the player is not essential. Jameis Winston is not essential right now. He is getting replaced.

2.  The Dolphins?

Yes, the Dolphins are 3-0. Don’t get your hopes up. They played the Jets, the now overrated Raiders, who have shone nothing, and the okay Titans. Also to mention, they were all one possession games. Still not changing my mind.FDEF2F2A-168E-4E1E-B00C-0179C253B431.png

3. What is Wrong with Brady?

Tom Brady hasn’t thrown for 300 yards in a game this season. What’s wrong? I don’t think he is used to this worker offensive line. I think the old age is sitting in and he isn’t he normal self.



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