AFC Division Predictions

     I know this post is a little late but here are my division predictions and predicted playoff picture.

AFC North:
1. Steelers: 11-5
2. Ravens: 10-6
3. Bengals: 6-10
4. Browns: 5-11

I think the Steelers come out on top of the division because they have a superior wide receiver core, with Antonio Brown who is one of the best WR’s in the NFL, if not the best. They have Le’Veon Bell in the backfield who may start off rusty but I think will come on, if he gets payed and plays. James Conner is still pretty good in the backfield. Also, he also will pick up some receiving yards along the way. With their veteran QB Big Ben with 2 Super Bowls under his belt, and still has some years left in him. The Steelers man-to-man defense has improved and they should win the division. The Ravens are going to fall short of the Steelers just because they have a tough schedule and don’t have the talent the Steelers do. I expect to see Joe Flacco excel this year though. The Bengals don’t have anything new and the Browns will have several wins this year, but this year, it is more of an experimenting year for the Browns.

AFC East:
1. Patriots: 12-4
2. Bills: 6-10
3. Dolphins: 6-10
4. Jets: 6-10
I think this division won’t be close. I think Tom Brady won’t be as good, but it really doesn’t matter. This league has no competition for anyone, no one can make the playoffs other than the Patriots and it isn’t a great division. I thought Josh Allen had a lot of potential because he wasn’t a running QB, which most QB’s that have been drafted in the last couple years haven’t been great and they ran the ball a lot. The only okay one was Marcus Mariotta. After Josh Allen performing bad in the preseason, I’m not hooked on him. I don’t think University of Wyoming was big enough for him. He hasn’t felt the pressure. The Dolphins and the Jets have no chance. Neither do the Bills.

AFC South:
1. Jaguars: 10-6
2. Titans: 9-7
3. Texans: 8-8
4. Colts: 2-14

     I think the Jags come out on top of the division again just because they were 10-6 last year and not much changed. They have a good RB and a very solid defense, allowing the fewest amount of passing yards in the NFL last year and even though they allowed a hefty amount of rushing yards, they only allowed one rushing TD last season. The Titans didn’t have too tough of a schedule last year and this year it is a lot tougher, so I think they will miss the playoffs. The Texans have DeShaun Watson and it will take him some getting used to again so they come in at 8-8. The Colts are complete trash and will probably be the worst team in the NFL.

AFC West:
1. Chargers: 10-6
2. Raiders: 10-6
3. Chiefs: 9-7
4. Broncos: 4-12

     I think the Chargers will win the division in a tiebreaker over the Raiders because the Chargers have a stellar defense and defense wins championships. The Raiders will make the second wild card because of Jay Gruden and Derek Carr. Jay Gruden is a great coach because he doesn’t wait to get things done, and wants and coaches to perfection. Derek Carr will take some time to get back, but he’ll come on. The Chiefs will just miss a chance to get in because of Pat Mahomes. I don’t think he is that good because he has very sloppy footwork and that will be his major problem. He is very erratic and I don’t like that. Sorry Broncos, you have a tough division.040835AC-DBBA-4156-AA67-C5E21CAC0C36

     Playoff Picture:

AFC Wild Card:
6 seed: Raiders vs. 3 seed: Jaguars
Winner: Jaguars
5 seed: Ravens vs. 4 seed: Chargers
Winner: Ravens

AFC Divisional:
3 seed: Jaguars vs. 2 seed: Steelers
Winner: Steelers
5 seed: Ravens vs. 1 seed: Patriots
Winner: Patriots

AFC Championship:
2 seed: Steelers vs. 1 seed Patriots
Winner: Steelers

AFC Champion:
Pittsburgh Steelers

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