Are the NFL Rules Getting Too Soft?

     I think this is a very important topic. The NFL has included a rule that it is illegal to initiate contact with the crown of your helmet. Are the rules getting too soft?

     The definition of football is: a form of team game that is played in North America using a oval ball and played on a field marked out as a gridiron. A gridiron is a made out of bars and beams. Bars and beams are tough. There is a difference between keeping players safe and being overprotected. The NFL is like a parent who keeps changing phases.

     When their kid is born they have no experience in parenting and struggle to keep them protected, and let the kid run over you. Then, you mature and find out you need to stick up for yourself and improve. Your in a good spot. But you keep getting more and more protective the more you find out and then find out it is too much. That is the NFL. It is to the point where they find out more and more of what there kid does,” in this case the NFL rules is the kid.” They are finding a lot about head injuries and the effects.

       You can’t take away the fact that the NFL is rough and you have to let them play. The NFL is getting very soft and I don’t think they are letting them play and it makes me a little mad.Image result for nfl head injury

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One thought on “Are the NFL Rules Getting Too Soft?

  1. I think this is a very insightful article. Like parents or anyone “in charge”, the NFL needs to consider the lives and safety of their players first! you only get one brain 😉


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