Is Joe Flacco Elite?

     This topic is makes me mad, being from Baltimore and a Ravens fan I think Joe Flacco is a elite QB. Lots of people don’t, but first we need to put some ground rules out.

     1. Does the QB have a Super Bowl?

Answering that question Joe Flacco led his team on offense in the Super Bowl and to a Super Bowl. The Ravens won the Super Bowl that year against the 49ers 34-31.

     2. Can the QB perform in the postseason and make it there?

Just to start, Flacco has made the postseason 6 times in the 10 years he has fully played.  For instance, in the four games they played in the 2012 postseason, Flacco went interception free and threw no less than 240 yards per game. He also had 11 TD’s in that time. To top it off he has a 8.1% TD rate in the playoffs. I think that  is quite good.

     3. Can the QB perform in the Regular Season?

I think this stat tops off a lot. Joe Flacco is 19th all-time in career completions. That is pretty amazing for ten years. He is also 25th all-time in passing yards. I think that caps it off.7DAC76A5-4DC5-439C-B2D7-18BDE2C87F87.png


     Picture courtesy of: Barstool Sports Store





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