Is Tiger Woods Back?

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile and I know I’m late on this topic but I want to get back to posting 3 to 4 times a week or more.

     But back to the topic, Tiger Woods had a 2nd place finish at the PGA Championship and tied for 6th at the Open Championship. He is 20th in the Fed Ex Cup rankings now. When he finished you could see him mouth, “I blew it.” I know Tiger Woods always wants to win but, some guys just quit on themselves after a injury in golf. Tiger Woods is still fighting. My blogs will tend to put out the stats. But today I’m looking deeper.

     The fire in him now is great. You used to just see that sad face on him all the time just made him just look worse. At the PGA Championship you saw him get pumped up and put the fist pumps out and that is why Tiger is back and may win some major tournaments. He has his fire back and his game.D999CB2E-E349-4FF3-83AD-1F7854A28E86.jpeg

     Picture courtesy of: The High Fade

4 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Back?

  1. Golf needs Tiger Woods. The ratings go through the roof when he is in the hunt. A major i hope so but the younger guns are so today and hit it so far. The Ryder Cup will be very interesting if they pick him and if they don’t Oh My. Look forward to more blogs keep up the good work


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