The Winner of the DeRozan and Leornard Trade

     In NBA news, the Toronto Raptors acquired Danny Green and Kawhi Leornard, as the Spurs got DeMar DeRozan, Jacob Poeltl, and a 2019 first-round draft. So who won?

      I think the Spurs won. Mainly because they have a younger guard and got rid of a guy who was winey and not very healthy. They got a key first- round draft pick and they did get Danny Green but there is no way he is better than DeRozan. They do upgrade there small forward with Kawhi Leornard but lose there first-round draft pick. I think it was a bold trade for both teams but with the health of Kawhi, I think the Spurs win the trade.90787FA3-E141-4C2F-B157-DA3186FE9934.jpeg

     Picture courtesy of: Sporting News

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