Where Should Machado Go?

      Manny Machado is a hot topic in baseball right now as he is a free agent and looking at a lot of different teams. But I think there is one simple answer. It is too easy for me.

      Tell me 3 good reasons why Manny shouldn’t go to the Yankees. He needs to go to the Yankees. He is also from California so he wants New York because of the big city and the very similar type of place. I’m not even going to go into who has a good third base and who doesn’t need one. The Yankees are a winning environment and the Orioles just haven’t consistently been one. He wants a World Series and I mean that, especially with his talent. The Phillies aren’t goood enough because they need lots of pitching and not hitting, the Diamondbacks I think will start to fall behind the Dodgers and have the deeper league, and then the Yankees are close with Red Sox and way ahead of everybody else.7F9679EE-C17B-49DE-A13F-83D723ABB090.jpeg

     Picture courtesy of: Yahoo Sports

2 thoughts on “Where Should Machado Go?

  1. Watching Yanks v. Os on TV yesterday was sad, even though they won. The Os are so bad that not even the Yanks fans who are local would go out to watch. Camden was empty. Box says attendance was 18.4K but there couldn’t have been more than 8K people there. I’m not a fan of Machado because I think he’s a showboater and overall pretty immature (every team has one it seems), but he’s a fantastic player and he deserves a great contract as long as he can keep producing, and I don’t see any reason why he won’t. And with the exception of 2014, he doesn’t get hurt.


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